Welcome to the webpage of the Built Environment and Mobility (BEAM) research group. BEAM is integrated in the urbanism department of the Research Center for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) from the Lisbon School of Architecture, and develops research on built environment and urban mobility. 

This is a multidisciplinary centre, with members from distinct backgrounds, applying different methodologies, from quantitative to qualitative methods, and has a strong focus on Geographic Information Systems. The research group assumes an operational and applied perspective, developing research focused on public policies, ranging from strict urban planning and mobility policies to the way in which the policies might contribute to more just, inclusive, accessible and multimodal cities.

We assume a broad perspective on the two main concepts of the research group. On one hand, the built environment is conceived as a vast group of topics, from regional and urban planning to functional and structural aspects, including the impact that social and political transformations have on the planning system, the territory and on mobility infrastructures, up to more detail aspects, focused on urban design and its relation with urban rehabilitation and active travel (walking and cycling). On the other hand, the urban mobility is seen not only has a manifestation of different transport modes movement but also has the result of the motility of individuals, which in turn is also a result of the accessibility conditions of different territories.