Igor Miranda Pinto

Walkability and Urbanity in Crajubar: rediscovering the city through the act of walking

Igor’s research aims to study the urban mobility focusing on walkability to promote urbanity, bringing benefits to the dynamics of the cities and society. It is intended to highlight the importance of a good sustainable urban design to provide access to the city and, consequently, the improvement of urbanity in public spaces. For this, concepts related to urban mobility and urbanity are studied, as well as the understanding of how the road culture and the dependence of the automobile contributed directly to the neglect of urban mobility in Brazilian cities. The region of Crajubar, formed by the cities of Crato, Juazeiro do Norte and Barbalha is chosen as an object because of its hampered urban mobility, by the lack of plans, strategies and policies aimed at their improvement. The walkability in the three cities is deficient in infrastructure, design and, in several areas, there is no security associated with urbanity. It is intended to create a framework of data for the development of an analysis and, from this, making propositions for the improvement of the conditions of the region’s walkability.